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Printhead Cleaning Guarantee

We guarantee that our printhead cleaning process will restore at least 50% MORE nozzles than are currently functioning.

To take advantage of the guarantee:

1.  Submit a test print in the package when you send your print head in for cleaning.  This will show us how many nozzles are not clean enough to function.

2.  After we have cleaned the printhead and you receive it back, do another test print.  If this "clean" test print shows less than 50% improvement, we ask that you ship us the head again with the new test print (that will provide us with direction on which heads are still blocked.)  We will clean the head a second time, at no charge, concentrating on the blocked areas and ship back again.

3.  If a third test print shows continued blockage and doesn't show at least a 50% improvement over the original test print, we will refund your payment minus $70 processing fee and cost of shipping.

Please understand that you'll need to calibration the printheads when reinstalling them just as you would a new printhead.  Unless you align the printheads properly you'll continue to see poor print quality.   We HIGHLY suggest you get the factory tech to install the printheads a few times  until you can learn the procedure yourself.